Thermal management – systems (HVAC) for the construction industry

Thermal management – systems (HVAC) for the construction industry

Thermal management – systems (HVAC) for the construction industry

Producers of off-road machines like excavators, dump trucks, wheel loaders, cranes, and other special vehicles often have similar challenges: Creating ideal air conditioning for drivers and operators of their vehicles. Both vehicles as well as air conditioning systems are often exposed to extreme weathering conditions and severe fouling.

We solve thermal management challenges for the construction industry

It's important to us to provide vehicle inhabitants personalised air conditioning for their well-being and therefore pleasant working conditions.

Thanks to our sophisticated thermal management, we offer smart system solutions to optimise heat systems and airflow in construction and commercial vehicles. HVAC systems from Aircontech are intelligent, affordable, and reliable. Important aspects that our systems include robust designs, long life spans, and individualism. Depending on the area of application, we expect a life span of over 15,000 operating hours.

We also provide control over heat in electrical rooms and control units

In the construction industry, not only drivers' cabins need air conditioning. Electrical rooms and control units need innovative thermal management according to the environmental conditions. In case of individual requirements, we're happy to support you with tailored, optimised solutions.

Increased comfort with efficient air conditioning control system

Our control systems offer comfortable air conditioning with regard to climate, as well as reduction of noise, which is a big challenge in the construction industry.

Of course, we also ensure standards are met when we develop tailor-made solutions.

  • Thermal management – systems (HVAC) for the construction industry

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Thermal management in the construction industry – implement specific aspects correctly

1. Intelligent airflow

Cold feet in the winter, sweaty brow in the summer?
Designing airflow intelligently has a significant effect on the well-being of the driver in the cabin. We consciously examine:

  • Heated area below to warm up quickly during the cold months
  • Cooling in the upper area
  • Fast cooling in the cabin; an important feature, especially on hot days. The right controller concepts make it.

2. Well-being and functional climate

Whether pleasant climate is needed in the driver's cabin or your electrical rooms and control units need to be conditioned; we'll find the right solution for both together with you. In addition to cooling, electrical rooms often require dehumidification (re-heat) to ensure their functionality.

3. Moisture (re-heat)

Moisture that is too high can cause safety and functional problems. On the one hand, condensation on the windows in the driver's cabin make steering and piloting unsafe. On the other hand, the humid air in control cabinets can cause controls and power electronics to malfunction.

We'll solve this problem with innovative thermal management. Our HVAC systems take humidity, condensate, and mist out of the equation. That means that in addition to heat aspects, human safety is also ensured.

Cover innumerous parameters – ensure optimal thermal management

Thermal management – systems (HVAC) for the construction industry

In our HVAC systems, familiar parameters are considered, since we know them from numerous years of experience in the building industry.

Parameters like insulation values of windows and walls of vehicles, the behaviour of crane pilots, excavator drivers, etc., as well as physical factors, location, environmental and climatic conditions have an effect on the overall concept and influence the development process of thermal management solutions. As a systems provider, we unify these measurement values with our innovative approaches and our numerous years of expertise, producing customer-specific, attractive products.

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