HVAC in transportation & logistics

HVAC systems for transportation and logistics

HVAC in transportation & logistics

In transportation, whether it's rail or ship freight, extensive, complex requirements need to be fulfilled. Not only the loading process, but also the enormous quantities and procedures for diverse goods represent a logistical challenge that must be mastered. Goods need to be loaded further under special conditions and receive different support.

If cooling is incorrect and doesn't function continuously, and if the cooling chain is interrupted, products like groceries will spoil. Goods could also become dangerous due to the effects of heat, since overheating, explosion, or fire could result. The right thermal management systems prevent these problems in the area of logistics.

HVAC in transportation & logistics

Systems developer for HVAC in logistics

We first define the needs in steps together with the customer first during the systems development process, considering a suitable systems solution: From the concept to analysis of the systems and simulation, prototyping, and validation, the result is a unique product.

Besides their user-friendliness, our products for rail and ship freight are robust, long-lasting, and resistant to vibration and saltwater. Transportation and port cranes require comfortable and functional air conditioning for operators. But that's not all we consider at Aircontech. User-friendly, ergonomic, and technical safety aspects that facilitate the daily work processes in transportation and logistics areas also receive our attention.


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Implement thermal management for transportation and logistics systematically

 1.Air guided by intelligence through confined design spaces

Designing airflow intelligently has an important effect on the well-being of the driver in the crane cabin. With the right controller concept and depending on the weather, the air and temperature conditions may be changed and adjusted quickly.In the cold season or in cold usage conditions, heat is needed by the driver's feet. Vice-versa, during hot periods and in hot regions, the head needs to be cooled down.
We develop the right systems solutions for this.

2.Thermal management for control units

On the one hand, cranes are often used at transit location like ports, for which we develop complete concepts for air conditioning and cooling in driver's cabins. On the other hand, power electronics are used more frequently in ports. The control cabinets - often the size of shipping containers - with high power loads need to be maintained at the corresponding thermal level.

 3.We dry humid air - Re-Heat

High humidity in crane cabins can cause problems in the cold season, resulting in safety and functional problems. Secure, exact piloting is no longer ensured in case of misted windows. Humidity in control cabinets on container stacking cranes is also a negative influence that can lead to failures in controls and power electronics.

We solve this logistics problem with innovative thermal management solutions. Our HVAC systems eliminate humidity, condensation, and mist.

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