Individual products for efficient air conditioning technology
How we work

We develop individual products for efficient air conditioning technology

In close cooperation with our customers, who approach us with individualrequirements, we develop products for efficient air conditioning technology. The basis for this is our competent staff, our structured approach and a large partner network, which also contributes know-how and important parts.

Agile and solution-oriented approach to work.

The challenges from our customers

The challenge

Our customers – both manufacturers and operating companies of vehicles, implements and systems – usually contact us with very specific challenges. Every project for efficient air conditioning technology therefore requires a lot of time for its design and execution. To this end, we ask customers crucial questions in order to achieve a perfectly functioning complete system as the end result.

Customers from the construction industry, agriculture and forestry, transport and logistics, and electric mobility need our specific HVAC solutions.

The implementation at Aircontech

The implementation

A team consisting of a technical manager and the project manager go into scenario development and proposal preparation after the requirements have been thoroughly defined. After a short time, the offer is made.

A digital concept (digital mock-up) is then created and agreed with the customer. After concept approval, parts are procured, a real prototype is created and this is released according to predefined criteria. A

fter joint acceptance, the series release follows. An important milestone for all involved.

The post-processing / debriefing at Aircontech

The post-processing / debriefing at Aircontech

As a matter of principle, we design all systems to be as maintenance-free as possible. Only regular filter replacement or impurities in the air ducting need to be taken into account. An operating hours counter or information, which we make available to you in the vehicle network, provides information about long-term maintenance intervals. If parts need to be exchanged, they can be obtained directly from our after-sales department.

Short and flexible decision-making processes

Agile approach to work

We implement short and flexible decision-making processes – from engineering to testing and validation.

Our services range from flow simulation (CFD) and 3D CAD planning to prototype construction and production and assembly lines including end of line tests.

Global sourcing for project-specific parts procurement

Large Network

In cooperation with suppliers and experts, we develop individually optimised solutions for our customers. We take care of the global sourcing for project-specific parts procurement.

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Smart solutions need good employees.

  • We train our employees through both internal and external training.
  • We support and promote both training courses for refrigeration technicians lasting several months and individual day courses such as material science, brazing courses, etc. for our employees.
  • We offer flexible time and location models.
  • Vitamins in the form of fruit baskets are available to the entire workforce at all times.
  • Superb transport links and free parking spots for every employee.
  • We offer ideally equipped workplaces with notebooks, multiple screens, height-adjustable work and office tables, etc.

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