Thermal management of aircontech
Thermal management

Efficient thermal management: We optimise the heat balance in your special vehicle

Our competence in thermal manegement

Efficient thermal management: Know-how


We are specialists in comfort (driver’s cabs) and functional climate solutions (e.g. power electronics). We have profound parts know-how (air conditioning, electrical and electronic, PCB developments, plastic, sheet metal and steel housings) and know how to connect HVAC systems to the electrical power supply from 12 V-1300 V (both AC and DC range).

Aircontech is ISO 9001 certified and holds patents in the field of e-mobility. In thermal management, we handle analogue, serial and digital interfaces and use our own resources to develop the software in the field of regulation and control technology. HMI integration, thermocontrol units for high-performance batteries, heat pump systems, CFD simulation analyses and heating/cooling demand calculations are standard with us.

Efficient thermal management: Know-how


Why Aircontech is the right thermal management partner?

Highest quality

From small to large series, we set the highest quality standards. No product and no component leaves our company unchecked. We work in accordance with standardised processes based on automotive production.

Agile approach to work

We implement short and flexible decision-making processes – from engineering to testing and validation. Our services range from flow simulation (CFD) and 3D CAD planning to prototype construction and production and assembly lines including end of line tests.

Large network

We develop the optimal, individual thermal management solution for each customer. We cooperate with a large network of suppliers and experts. We take care of the global sourcing for project-specific parts procurement.

Efficient thermal management: Know-how


Our team has many years of experience in e-mobility. We are professionals in electronics and software development. For our customers, we set up individual assembly lines for high volume production and manage the supply chain for series production. We attach great importance to a well thought-out design of your system.

The course for the success of complex thermal management is already set in the design phase.

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