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HVAC system

We develop HVAC systems.

Our HVAC systems are individual total solutions. Tailored to your personal requirements and circumstances. Our customers are active in the construction industry, agriculture and forestry, transport & logistics or in the field of electric mobility, among others.

Our HVAC system in use

We develop HVAC systems for the construction industry

Construction Industry

We equip cranes, excavators, tippers, wheel loaders or other special vehicles with the right HVAC solution. No matter whether diesel or electrically powered. Air conditioning systems in the construction industry are exposed to extreme physical environmental conditions as well as heavy pollution. Our HVAC systems, individually developed for each customer, are characterised by a robust design and a long service life. When designing the systems, we pay particular attention to comfort, noise reduction and compliance with the required standards (e.g. ISO 10263).

We develop HVAC Systems for agriculture and forestry

Agricultre and Forestry

Whether dust, dirt, cold or wet, our HVAC systems for agriculture and forestry are reliable and make working in the most demanding conditions safe and enjoyable.

We develop HVAC systems for transport and logistics

Transport and Logistics

In the transport and logistics sector, our HVAC systems range from driver’s cabins to power units to cooling in the control cabinet and its power electronics. High robustness and energy efficiency meet ergonomics and user well-being.

We develop HVAC Systeme for mobility


E-mobility is steadily gaining in importance. We develop energy-efficient, state-of-the-art HVAC systems – for example, by using the waste heat from the drive as well as heat pumps.

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Why an HVAC system from Aircontech is the right choice

  • Why an HVAC System from aircontech is the right choice.
    • You work with a single partner – from development to after sales.
    • You are flexible: from the individual piece to the series as well as all common voltage systems. We master the networking between your work equipment and our HVAC solution, no matter what type of communication is required.
    • You draw on our many years of experience. We can also implement temperature control according to automotive specifications.
    • With us, you are quickly on the market. We create or adapt software for customer-specific control concepts within a very short time.
    Robert Hubalek, Managing Director Aircontech.

    Efficient air-conditioning technology for mobile work equipment is not available off the shelf. Every solution from Aircontech is an individual total solution – tailored to the products and customer requirements.”

    Robert Hubalek, Managing Director Aircontech.

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    We can advise you in HVAC systems.
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